Nutritious Menu Planning for Institutions

The deep relation between diet and performance/productivity at work is underestimated by many.

Various scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that well-planned, balanced meals fuel our body and mind, so that they perform to their maximum potential. Similarly, a diet that lacks vital nutrients or a diet that is excess in certain nutrients can grossly affect our mental and physical energy levels.

As experts in the field of diet and nutrition, we plan menus for corporates, schools, catering organizations etc keeping in mind:

  • Our Client’s profile & preferences
  • Variety is made available to the consumers
  • Meals are balanced and they provide all the necessary nutrients in each meal
  • Various festivals and special occasions that come up, in a year.

Our meals are enjoyed currently by various corporates like IOCL, HPCL, ICICI, IMCL, internationally recognized school chains, and clubs like The Acre’s club.

We strongly believe that ‘Healthy food can be tasty & enjoyable’

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